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Build Your Body With ANGEL
New York City and South Florida's elite personal trainer and athletic lifestyle coach
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All About

Personal Training

I will evaluate you and then start your training based on your current fitness level, experience and objectives. My goal is to help people live a healthy lifestyle while achieving their fitness goals. #trusttheprocess

Body Transformation

We all have different goals and different challenges based on the type of body we were naturally born with. With dedication and the right diet we can all experience positive changes in our bodies. #itspossible

Stretching for injury prevention

Applying the right treatments and techniques before, during and after training will help us to get more quickly and safely to where we want to be. #safetyfirst

Training Formats

What Angel's Clients Say


John S.

Angel was my personal trainer until he moved to Dallas. During the time he trained me, I found him to be extremely professional, knowledgeable, and in-tune with his client's needs. Angel is very personable and a joy to work with. He is never on the clock and gives you his full attention. I strongly recommend him - you won't be disappointed!


Troy R.

Angel is a great example of the benefits of personal training. I admire his great knowledge of the various types of exercises that are appropriate for each part of the body. I like Angel's exercise routine, because he varies them so I never get bored. Angel also created an excellent menu plan for me. I know I'm eating the right foods for optimizing my exercise program and for my health.


Eduardo L.

I had the fortune of having Angel as my personal trainer when I lived in Miami, He helped me get my body back on track by encouraging me and providing the right exercise tips and diet for my type of body. I was stuck and I hadn't seen any progress for a long time, and it wasn't till he took me under his workout program that I finally saw what was doing wrong and what my body could actually do. Nowadays I'm very satisfied with the way my body looks and by everything I've learned from him. The best of the best!


Court B.

During the past 15 years I've had several trainers. Angel is the best trainer I've ever had. Why? Angel improved my overall fitness by monitoring my progress and helped me reach and maintain a healthy weight. He motivated me to develop a healthy lifestyle with an emphasis on robust activity. About six months ago I broke my wrist in two places. Angel was instrumental in my regaining the use of my hand and fingers, using a variety of exercises that enabled me to recover quickly. With Angel's help I was able to achieve goals that I never thought were possible. I recommend Angel highly!


Luis S.

Angel is an outstanding master of his craft. He is incredibly bright with a treasure trove of health and fitness knowledge. An expert in weight training and yoga. His warm, spontaneous personality makes workouts fun. Angel is the real deal in an industry full of wannabes and the standard by which any trainer should be measured. His results with me in less than 6 weeks are amazing.

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